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High and low temperature  and humidity test chamber

High and low temperature and humidity test chamber

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  shanghai
  • Brand Name:  duohe
  • Model Number:  005

Product features:

The series of temperature and humidity test chamber in accordance with the national standard manufacturing, belong to high-end long life test box, superior performance, superior performance. Its capacity in the range between 100 - 1500 liters, in the temperature range (0 degrees, -20 degrees, -40 degrees, -70 degrees) between C - 180 ~ C, the humidity in the range of 20%--98%, temperature uniformity and even less than 1 degrees Celsius, humidity uniformity is less than 1.5%, so they can meet almost all user requirements GB the harsh test user gjb.

Technical parameter:

Volume inner box size

D500x W400x H500mm D1350x W700x 100L H1600mm

D450x W580x H750mm D1550x W870x 190L H1830mm

D520x W630x H780mm D1370x W830x 250L H1860mm

D765x W580x H750mm D1860x W870x 335L H1830mm

D700x W800x H900mm D1500x W1000x 500L H11980mm

D800x W800x H950mm D1960x W1090x 600L H1995mm

D950x W1100x H950mm D2155x W1390x 990L H1995mm

D1000x W1000x H1000mm D1790x W1200x 1000L H2100mm

D1475x W1100x H950mm D2680x W1390x 1500L H1995mm

Quality assurance:

Advanced concept, Shanghai, China

Temperature range (0 C, -20 C, -40 C,) -70-180 degrees C

Temperature uniformity of the best 1 degrees C

Humidity range 20%-98%

Humidity uniformity 1.5%

Best use of internal volume and shape design

Perfect alternative to Germany, Japan, the United States and other imported brands

Controller Europe introduction of human nature, stability

USB data storage (standard)

Network monitoring function (optional)

The unique air circulation system provides the precision for the sample to be tested.

Unique wet and dry bulb humidity measurement system

Air cooled refrigeration system

Fault self diagnosis system for maintenance and repair

Low cost operation and low cost maintenance

Environmental protection thermal insulation material and environmental protection refrigerant

Low noise, low water consumption, environmental protection and energy saving

  • Place of Origin:  shanghai
  • Brand Name:  duohe
  • Model Number:  005
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